Wanna make up your own rules for EVE:Valkyrie? This short tutorial video will show you how to set up and configure a custom match in EVE:Valkyrie.


There are a lot of different ways to play. My favorite rules are:

  • No Ultras
  • No Extraction
  • Friendly Fire on
  • No Hydras
  • No Jackals
  • Smaller maps with interesting cover only (Outpost, Gateway, Shipyard, Forge, Necropolis)

It’s dogfight heaven. Also, Carrier Assault takes on a whole new dimension when your own carrier deals out damage to you.

Another cool rule set is “Valkyrie Golf”:

  • Friendly fire on
  • Yurei only
  • Control matches only
  • Put everyone on the same team

The object of the game is to get the lowest score by killing your teammates as much as possible to score negative points.

Set up a custom match and invite your friends to play. Don’t have any friends who play Valkyrie? Check out our public EVE:Valkyrie Discord.